As soon as my friends find out I work at Vape World the first thing (after high-fiving me, of course) they always ask is: “Yo! Can you hook it up with a free vape?!”

I always joke and say: “Yeah, for sure, but you have to get a Vape World tattoo first!” We’ll have a good laugh and then continue on with our shenanigans.

One day I ran into my buddy at the bar and we get into conversation. On cue, he asks the golden question: “…. Come on bro, you must have one just laying around that you can spare!” I chuckle and give him my canned response that I’ve learned to repeat like a broken record.

Not even giving it a second thought, he says: “Sure, I’m down. But don’t tell my girlfriend – she’ll kill me.”  Thinking he’s joking I play it off like it was the booze talking. But he wasn’t. It just so happened there was a tattoo shop right next to the bar (go figure).

What happened next? We captured photographic evidence of the step-by-step process on how my buddy got a free vaporizer from your friends at Vape World.

Please, do not try this at home!

But, if you happen to find yourself at your local tattoo shop getting a freshly inked Vape World Tattoo, send us photographic evidence and we might give you a shout out! ;)

Happy Vaping!